A breakthrough addition to the top-fruit market
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A breakthrough addition to the top-fruit market

Next Fruit Generation (NFG) has presented the new crop of its Red Flesh Apple

Next Fruit Generation (NFG) the Swiss-Dutch innovator has presented the new crop of its Red Flesh Apple for testing and tasting to a privileged crowd of international visitors in Switzerland. Results have been applauded and the programs are on steady course with the first 15.000 trees to be available for 2009. The apple, which is the first of its kind to be developed in a commercial way, is seen by many as a breakthrough addition to the top-fruit market. Next Fruit Generation is in the process of negotiations with respective partners around the world who will launch production programs of the Red Flesh Apple for the different markets.

Challenges of developing and bringing new cultivars to the market are important. The chain of investments from the moment a vision appears until the fruit is on a supermarket shelf is considerable. A key element is to have the product that manages to convince all participating parties, from grower to supermarket buyer. To be able to offer competitive advantages, a new cultivar must first show clear differences. It cannot be more of the same. Next Fruit Generation’s Red Flesh Apple is definitely new, and different. Who has ever been able to buy a stunning Red Flesh Apple off the shelf? If on top of that you consider that the apple is exceptionally rich in antioxidants, not just in the skin but throughout the flesh, that it tastes good, that it holds well, that it is productive and disease resistant, you make it a real asset.

Along with the Red Flesh Apple, Next Fruit Generation has brought the Sweet Sensation ®, bi-color pear to the market, and will continue releasing novelties for the Top Fruit industry in the coming years.