little_guy2.jpgNext Fruit Generation (“NFG”) is the result of strong experience in fruit production, supply chain and marketing, added to a vision of innovation and development of new added value niche products. Know-how has been developed in a highly competitive Dutch fruit production and export environment, according to the highest European retail standards and requirements.

With a vision of upcoming market requirements NFG has developed new cultivars of pears and apples, refreshing a market largely based on generic and sometimes aging varieties. The choice of the varieties is being made on the basis of market research and analysis identifying and projecting specific demand. The research further includes product traits such as appearance, taste, texture and flavor, disease resistance, flower and tree architecture, storage ability, etc…

Once a new variety has been developed, selected and sufficiently tested, NFG brings it to the market through a networked license and royalty scheme, involving nurseries, growers, exporters and importers. NFG’s continuous research and development and its strong marketing and control structure offers to the network’s partners a recurrent and profitable business. Meanwhile, as novelty, more attractive appearance and high-health fruits will improve consumption, the market will grow and the value of the fruit industry will improve, from retailer down to the producer.

With a focus on all relevant production and distribution markets worldwide,

Next Fruit Generation is today a key player for the fruit of tomorrow.